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     The development of computer-assisted-design (CAD) has changed every facet of drafting in today’s industry.  Recognizing this, we have developed a drafting program that deals primarily with the subject of Computer Aided Drafting. In this introductory course, students will be introduced to basic computer operations, drafting practices and file management.  Beginning with basic geometric shape construction, the students will be assigned increasingly difficult tasks to be drawn extensively by the computer.  Mechanical 2-dimensional drafting and will be the primary focus of this course. The majority of class time will allow the students to explore the power of the CAD suite available at Avon High School.  Independent work will comprise the majority of work to give the students to develop a sense of independence and self-confidence in this area. The Auto-CAD Design suite will be used with Auto-CAD2015 and Inventor Professional as the focal point.

Work considered late (one week after due date) will be graded with a maximum grade of 60%. Work may be resubmitted with corrections and the grades will be averaged without penalty.

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Current Projects

           E.D.D I Assignments

Course Syllabus


  • Intro To Me, School and Money

Ten Year career plan

Career Worksheet

  • Sketching Orthographics

Orthographic Lecture

Orthographic Surface Assignment

Sketch Assign.1   #1,4 & #5 EX19

Sketching Rubric

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On-Line Quiz! *Click Here*

  • Sketching Isometrics

Isometric Lecture

Sketch Assign.1   #1,4 & #5 EX19

Sketching Rubric

Compound Angles #11F,11P,11G and 11I Maj.-11T Ex.Cr

Loading Line Types in AutoCad

AutoCad Download Center

*Simple Isometric Rubric*
Isometric Assignment 1

Isometric Assingment 2

Complex Isometrics

Isometric w/ Compound Angles

Isometric w/ Circles

  • Laser Cut Orthographic Bolted Box

Oblique Drawings-Lecture Notes

Simple Oblique Assignment 1

Complex Oblique Assignment

Two-Point perspective- Notes

Perspective Assignments

Sectional Drawing-Lecture Notes

Assignment 17.74-17-71

Dimensioning Lecture

Dimensioning Quiz

Idler Plate Drawing

Adjustable Link Drawing Ex. Cr.

Simple Auto-Cad Dimension Part

Complex Auto-Cad Dimension Part

History of C.N.C Lecture Notes

C.N.C. Quiz Login

Questions for CNC Lecture

Blue Block G-Code Sheet

CNC Worksheet (Large)

Intro to FlashCut Software

Download Demo Here