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Architectural Construction

Architectural Construction helps students understand the construction techniques and materials used in  residential buildings. Primary focus will be on the cost and construction of a proposed structure within the accepted practices of the residential building trade. Students will be introduced to the building design process and create working drawings necessary to fabricate a structure. After a basic plan is developed, a finished design with complete set of plans will be submitted. The completed design will include working drawings, a seasonal sun/shade analysis, and a virtual tour of the proposed project. A scale model will be produced, complete with footings, foundation, interior and exterior walls and roof. Students will choose a building site and determine cuts and fills necessary to build on their site. They will also be required to make structural calculations to determine loads and appropriate sizes of structural members.  Some type of outbuilding may be constructed and erected off-site during the practical portion of the course.


Work considered late (one week after due date) will be graded with a maximum grade of 60%. Work may be resubmitted with corrections and the grades will be averaged without penalty.



Current Projects


Arch. Construction Assignments


  • Intro to School, Work and Money

Career Worksheet

  • Cost Considerations For Building

Cost Calculation Lecture Notes

  • Reading Topographic Map

Topo Map 1

Topo Map 2

Topo Map 3

Topo Map 4

Topo Map 5

Lot Topography Grid Sheet

Sample Topographic Map

  • Site Planning and Surveying

Reading Topographic Maps

Creating Topographic Maps

Transit Operation w/ Projects

Transit Basics Quiz

  • Basic House Types and Design

House Type Lecture

Room Size Requirements

  • Residential Framing
  • Roof Design and Construction
  • Reading Floor Plans
  • Creating Floor Plans (Revit)
  • Foundation Plans
  • Framing and Construction Practices
  • Bridge Builder Project?
  • Spans and Span Ratings
  • Structural Loading and Span Ratings
  • Stair design and Construction
  • Roof Design, Materials and Construction
  • Electrical Plans
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Elevation Views