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The mission of the Avon High School Technology Education Department is to develop a student that will be a productive member of an ever changing technological society by focusing on critical thinking and problem solving techniques. To achieve this, students must become life-long learners and develop the appropriate work ethic needed for continued success in a variety of technical career field. Please feel free to explore the web site to gain an understanding of the types of courses we offer and projects we currently assign.


We offer career tracks in Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Design/Construction and Computer Modeling for Gaming. We are currently developing a track for Video/Television Production utilizing a new Mac Lab, and state of the art production studio with live video capabilities.

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Engineering Design Courses

  • Engineering Design (CAD)1 is the foundation of all courses in the Technology Education courses at Avon High School. It is designed as a 2 dimensional drafting course with an introduction to 3-D Modeling.
  • Engineering Design 2 is an extensive 3-D modeling course with problem solving and industrial design being the primary focus. This course also has an introduction to Architectural Design with. 
  • Principles of Engineering- An introduction to engineering processes such as pneumatic/ hydraulic circuit design, electric circuits and an introduction to electronic components. Programming robotics and automation of manufacturing will also be included.
  • Mechanical Engineering- An extensive look at industrial design, the physics of simple machines, materials and manufacturing processes associated with product development.
  • Architectural Design- A course developed as a planning and design class that touches on some construction methods and practices. Structural design and cost analysis will also be included.
  • Architectural Construction- Deals with the actual building of a residential structure. Topics include permitting, site work, framing practices.
  • Research in Engineering- Designed as a capstone course and required for an Engineering Certificate. Students will choose a major project to be completed by the end of the semester with checkpoints developed with the instructor. An internship may be included as part of the coursework.

A G.P.A. of 3.0 in Engineering Courses is needed to earn an Avon High School Engineering Certificate.

Computer Modeling for Gaming Courses

  • Computer Modeling for Gaming I- This course will give students experience in designing and creating within a two dimensional, visual realm.  Units of study include Introduction to Photoshop, animating with Adobe After-Effects and/or Adobe Flash, Video Editing with Sony Vegas/Apple Final Cut and an introduction to 3-D modeling with Rhino 3-D software. This course also includes an introduction to 3D modeling using basic objects (primitives) and transforming 2D objects into 3-Dimensional  shapes.
  • Computer Modeling for Gaming II- This course will give students experience in designing and creating advanced 3-Dimensional, computer generated models and animations. Emphasis will be  placed on generating models for games and product ideas and animations to be used in a variety of formats.  Students will learn to create realistic scenes with appropriate transitions, sounds, voice, and music. Advanced instruction on Rhino 5.0 and an introduction to Auto-Desk Mud box, 3ds Max, and Soft Image will be given.
  • Computer Modeling for Gaming III- This course will give students experience designing high resolution assets and environments within the Unity Game Engine. Extensive use of Rhino 5.0, Auto-Desk Mud box, 3ds Max, and Soft Image will be a primary part of this course. The final product will be a complete, working computer game that either an individual or group of students create from start to finish.

Video Editing-Television Production

  • Video Production I - An introduction to Adobe Final Cut on a Macintosh platform. Shooting video, importing raw clips, editing video, mixing audio sources and outputting of final products will be covered. Special effects of video and audio, as and animations with Adobe After Effects will be introduced.
  • Video Production II - Extensive use of the new Television Studio to produce pre-recorded,broadcast quality video programming. Live streamed video and remote shot projects will also be included.

Examples of current equipment



Laser Cutting/Engraving




3 Axis Cad/Cam Milling




Lab-Volt Robotic Arm





Unity Game Engine





Tricaster 460 Video Switching System