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Principles of Engineering students will learn the process of successful product design, development and automation through the use of mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic concepts.  This course will help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of mechanical engineering and engineering technology fields. The primary focus of the course will be devoted to the processes associated with the successful manufacturing of products. The assignments will often include researching design alternatives, understanding material manufacturing techniques, and making decisions about the materials to be used in the manufacturing process.  The nature of these assignments facilitate collaboration among students with a hand-on approach to problem solving. 3-Dimensional C.A.D. drafting will be the central focus of  the product/process driven assignments. Production, automation and fabrication with C.A.D./C.A.M. milling, 3-D printing and a 40 watt laser cutter/engraver will be a large part of this course.

Work considered late (one week after due date) will be graded with a maximum grade of 60%. Work may be resubmitted with corrections and the grades will be averaged without penalty.

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Current Projects

P.O.E. Assignments


  • Intro to Post Secondary Transition

Engineer Vs. Tech Lecture

Engineer Vs. Tech Power Pt.

Types Of Engineering

Engineering Cross Word

Career Worksheet

Engineering School Research

  • Mechanisms

Mechanical Advantage Lecture

All About Levers

Lever Worksheet

Wheel Lecture w/ Worksheet

Pulleys Reading and Worksheet

  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Intro to Pneumatics Lecture

Pneumatics Laws Lab Sheet

Angled Ortho # 19 & 20, 17Ex

Complex Ortho # 11G&11M

Compound Angles #11F & #11P

Auto Cad Download Center

  • Energy and Power Sources
  • Energy and Power Transmission
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Electricity
  • Ohms Law
  • Series/Parallel Circuits
  • Battery Creation
  • Motor Production
  • Power Generation
  • Intro to Statics
  • Engineering Disasters
  • Introduction to C.N.C. Programming

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History of C.N.C Lecture Notes

Questions for CNC Lecture

Programming Block G-Code Sheet

CNC Worksheet (Large)

Intro to FlashCut Software

Download Demo Here