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WELCOME to Engineering Design and Drafting II

The content of the EDD II curriculum is designed to familiarize students with the concepts and principles associated with Solid Modeling and the basics of Architectural Drafting. The software used throughout the course will be Auto-Cad Inventor 2015 and Chief Architect. During the first phase, students will be introduced to sketching, solid modeling, reverse engineering and basic computerized numerical control(CNC) programming/ machining. A second phase will consist of an introduction to Architectural Drafting. Real Estate introduction, building site preparation, basic construction practices and house model construction will be explored.

II. Major Units:

  • Introduction to me, school and cost of living
  • Simple Model drawings(review)
  • Manipulating Workplanes                     
  • Dimensioning  in Inventor
  • Drawing Mode and Sectionals
  • Introduction to Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly Constraints and Production
  • Problem Solving Methods in Drafting
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Site Work and Lot Preparation with Transit work
  • House Types
  • Floor Plan Creation
  • Basic Construction Practices
  • Formal Drawings



Current Projects

C.A.D.II Assignments
  • Auto-Cad Inventor Modeling

Inventor Warm Up 6-54-6-57

Inventor Modeling w/ Circles

Angles-G, I and O(Maj) T ExCr.

Honors +. J, K ,P (maj) N Ex.Cr.

Complex Modeling 5-84,85 & 88

Honors-Plus 8-83, 86 & 5-87

  • Inventor Work Planes

Inventor Work Plane Menus

Inventor Work Plane YouTube

Auxiliary Work Planes 1-4

Honors-Plus #1 and #2

  • Revolving Model Features

Revolve Project 1

  • Sweeping Model Features

Sweep Project 1

Rectangular Patterns

  • Engineering Design
  • Assembly Drawings

Anti Vibration Mount

Belt and Roller Support

Complex Assembly

Complex Assembly Parts

Honors Plus Assembly

Honors Assembly Part 2

  • Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering   1

Reverse Engineering   2

Reverse engineering   3

Reverse Engineering Honors

  • Dimensioning in Drawing Mode

Drawing Mode Video Tutorial

Dimensioning Lecture

Dimensioning Quiz

Simple Auto-Cad Dimension Part

Complex Auto-Cad Dimension Part

Models to Drawing w/ Dimensions

Modeling with Revolves and Array

  • Inventor Sectionals

Simple Sectionals 8-77 - 8-83

Complex Sectionals

Complex Sectional for Honors

Architectural Drawing Introduction
  • Intro to Finance
  • Intro to Chief Architect
  • Wall and Roof Development