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This course will give students experience in designing and creating computer generated images, animations and models in a virtual environment appropriate for the design. Instruction is differentiated based upon phase and ability.

Units of study will include The History of Photography, Adobe Photoshop Basics, Adobe After-Effects, Sony Vegas, Rhino 3-D and an introduction to 3-D printing. A concluding experience that will combine all phases of the course will also be required. The objects created will be animated (put into motion) with several different programs based upon their creation and context.  Students will learn to create realistic scenes and stories combining stills, animations, video footage and 3-D models. This course is designed as an introduction to the basic concepts of the topics listed above. In depth study of these is items will be covered in Computer Modeling and Visualization II.

Work considered late (one week after due date) will be graded with a maximum grade of 60%. Work may be resubmitted with corrections and the grades will be averaged without penalty.

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Examples Of Outstanding Student Work


       C.M.V 1 Assignments


  • Intro to School, Work and Money

Career Worksheet

Career Quiz

              Photo History Crossword

  • Introduction to PhotoShop

Basic Photo Selection & Composite Lecture

Simple Photo Manipulation Project

  • Introduction to Photoshop Pt. 2

Composite w/ Precise Selec. Lecture

Magazine Cover Assignment

  • PhotoShop to AfterEffects

Complex PhotoShop Project

Grade Sheet for Simple Animation

  • Complex Animation w/ AfterEffects

Landscape Composite in PhotoShop

Landscape Animation

Basic After-Effects Quiz

Video Recording History Quiz

  • Intro to Non-Linear Video Editing

Digital Still Assignment

Editing Digital Stills Rubric

Moving Video Assignment

Simple Video Editing Rubric

  • Shooting and Uploading Digital Video

Intro to Digital Video Text

Intro to D. V. Questions

  • Intro to Rhino

Rubber Duck Tutorial

Rubber Duck Video Tutorial