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WELCOME To Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering students will learn mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic concepts. This course will help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety engineering and engineering technology fields. C.A.D. drafting and design will be the central focus of product/process driven assignments. Production and fabrication with C.A.D./C.A.M. milling, Laser cutter and 3-D printing will also be part of this course. The assignments will often include researching design alternatives, choosing a suitable material, calculating strength properties and understanding manufacturing techniques. This will enable the students to make decisions about the materials to be used in the manufacturing process. Students will design and animate models, to describe how the solution functions, then construct a prototype and test them. These assignments allow a hands-on collaboration among students. 


Your grade will be determined as follows:    

Projects             40%

Tests                  25%

Notebook          15%

Homework        10%

Quizzes              10%


Total                100%